Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2018

What's next & answering one question

Since I’ve released the mudflap packs, I was asked if I could make mudflaps for different truck brands like Volvo or Mercedes. Although I think that this is a great idea, I’m not going to do that.


I will only use ingame textures OR create some myself to use them in my mods. If you want to drive with a Mercedes mudflap, you can replace the custom.dds texture in my mod folder.

Soon I’ll create a tutorial on how to do this.

Concurrently with this I work on a new mod, but as long as I’m no satisfied with the result I won’t announce what it will be. However, I promise you this mod will be great when it’s done.

Until then stay on the road and safe trucking!

Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2018



Added custom mudflap

If you want to create your own mudflap, you need to download my templates. You need two textures due to different sizes in ETS 2.


YOU NEED TO SAVE YOUR TEXTURE AS A .DDS FILE. ALL YOUR BLACK PARTS OF YOUR TEXTURE NEED TO BE ALPHA. After that the game will use the much higher quality ingame textures as a background.


Happy Trucking.

P.S.: I’d love to see your trailes. Add me on Steam or send me some pictures if you want. :)

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